Sustainable & Baby-friendly gifts with your Family & the Planet in Mind.


Who knows better than Grandma what baby needs? Grandmas dote on babies, tending to them in a special way. Mummo Creamer is based on care for your baby & child with love from grandma – mummocare. Our name, Mummo – Finnish for Grandma – and a creamer, being a handmade jug, embodies the nurturing, gentle care grandmothers provide.

Our shop specializes in baby gifts, accessories and toys, each with a mummo seal of approval for the best possible care. In addition, we create practical bath and nursery products. Each item we lovingly create has your baby’s health and comfort in mind. Our products are also environmentally friendly, made with natural fibers. You would never settle for less than the best for your child and neither does Mummo Creamer.

When you purchase a unique product from Mummo Creamer, you not only receive the best quality but also love from Grandma.