Why Eco-friendly Baby Gifts? What’s The Hype?

Finding eco-friendly baby gifts that are both functional and truly sustainable can be challenging if you're attending the baby shower of a family that values sustainability.

To support new parents on their road toward environmentally responsible parenting, we have you covered with the top eco-friendly baby gifts.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts?

No Harmful Chemical Like BPA

Our newborns are surrounded by plastic, which is a frequent element in baby toys and clothing. However, they might contain BPA (bisphenol A) which is a hazardous substance.

A baby's body, in particular, should not come in contact with any chemicals present in plastic toys and fabrics. Because the bodies' natural hormones are still developing, BPA has been shown to interact with them, which is very dangerous for newborns. Following chemicals are present in Plastic baby gift products.

  • Phthalates: Phthalates are recognized for giving products a soft, cuddly feel, but they are also major endocrine disruptors that can cause hormonal imbalance and promote the formation of malignancies.
  • Lead: Lead is widely used in paints. These paints are used to color toys to make them durable. It is well recognized to have an impact on IQ and to induce permanent brain damage. Because lead is absorbed and retained by a child's body more quickly than by an adult, lead exposure in children should be avoided.
  • Cadmium: Plastic stabilizer cadmium is present in plastic. Cadmium, a recognized carcinogen, interferes with healthy brain development and can harm the kidneys.
  • Eco-Friendly baby productsare free of these harmful chemicals and will not affect the babies. So, if you are purchasing baby gifts, you should choose eco-friendly baby gifts as they are free of BPA. In reality, these substances shouldn't be present in any items used by people, but that's just not the case. We should, at the very least, take steps to prevent this chemical from getting into our children's bodies.

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal

Every parent is aware of how difficult it could be to clean all the things that young children interact with. And especially the products they put in their mouth.  Although keeping our kitchens and houses clean is easy, keeping them free of hazardous bacteria is difficult, when there are infants present.

Due to bamboo's 100% inherent ability to be both naturally antibacterial and antifungal, choosing eco-friendly baby goods manufactured from bamboo is a fantastic option.

If you haven't heard of bamboo baby products, you should look them up immediately. As one of the most environmentally friendly materials available, bamboo is a natural choice for eco-friendly baby gifts. The best thing is that bamboo is a suitable replacement for both solid and fabric products, making it a perfect alternative to plastic and cotton.

No Coloring chemicals & Pesticides

Because a baby's skin is more sensitive and delicate than an adult's, it must be shielded from chemical stressors. Your baby's skin will be exposed to significantly fewer pesticides and dangerous coloring chemicals if you switch to organic baby garments and blankets.

Cotton fabric is bad for our skin since it contains 10% of the world's pesticides and 25% of the world's insecticides. These chemicals may harm the baby's skin if you allow them to come in contact with it in addition to harming the world we live in. Purchasing baby gifts that employ eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and recycled materials, instead of cotton, such as baby wipes, blankets, skin care products, and changing pads, significantly lowers the use of cotton.

We are fortunate to live in a society where organic alternatives are readily available and do not damage the environment or our health. Organic cotton is not harmful and safe to use.

Recyclable And Sustainable

Without the use of environmentally friendly baby goods, we'd probably wind up utilizing far less environmentally friendly resources. These materials ultimately wind up in landfills around the world, where they cause a significant amount of water pollution.

Since the planet is over 70% water, we as a species are polluting the environment more and more each day. Eco-friendly baby gifts are a terrific way to prevent harmful water contamination and runoff.

Our landfills will eventually become overburdened if we keep on using products that contain significant amounts of hazardous chemicals and materials. To reduce the pollution caused by baby products, people are switching to Eco-friendly baby products that are recyclable and sustainable.

Toys and booster seats made of plastic for babies are prone to cracking and breaking over time. Sustainable toys are incredibly robust and can last for many years.

Eco-friendly Baby Products Gives Better Quality

Cheap, fading- and shrinking-prone fabrics are used to make synthetic baby clothing. While eco-friendly and organic clothing is manufactured from durable, high-quality materials.

Although they may be more expensive than regular clothing, they will ultimately save you money. They won't disintegrate or look worn out after multiple washes.

Thus, the likelihood of handing them down as heirlooms is higher. They also have the added benefit of being really cute!

Baby toys of the highest quality and without toxins are made with high-quality raw materials that are used by manufacturers throughout the manufacturing process. The toys also undergo a number of treatments to increase their durability. With no issues, the youngster can play with the toys for extended periods of time.

Purchasing eco-friendly baby gifts provides many benefits, one of them is quality which increases the life of the product.

High Durability & Less Expense

Durability is another advantage of non-toxic baby products. They are manufactured from premium materials and put through a number of processes to ensure lifetime.

 This indicates that they won't result in any health issues and will last for a very long period. These baby products are produced with safe and environmentally friendly substances, unlike other harmful things that include chemicals that are bad for the environment. As a result, you can be sure that these toys are secure for your child.

The majority of these toys are produced using premium raw materials. They have many treatments to guarantee their toughness and security. This implies that your infant will have no issues using them for a very long time. On the other hand, toxic substances include those that are bad for the environment.

It is best to choose non-toxic baby gifts, these products don't contain dangerous substances.

Save Farmers & Farming

Cotton cultivation uses more than 50% of all the pesticides used in agriculture. Farmers' long-term and short-term health are at risk due to repeated exposure to harmful pesticides.

To protect farmers and their families from harm, organic cotton farming is conducted in accordance with stringent international agricultural standards that limit the use of pesticides.

Eco-friendly Baby Products Are More Comfortable

Babies are highly susceptible to overheating. And synthetic clothing can immediately lead to an irritated and cranky baby.  Baby clothes composed of natural and eco-friendly materials are soft, stretchy, and highly absorbent, keeping your child cool and cozy all day.

No Skin Irritation

Your baby's delicate skin is nurtured and protected with organic cotton. The additives and chemicals found in typical infant items can irritate certain people. Babies' skin varies in sensitivity, particularly in relation to the chemicals used in fabric processing.

If the chemicals in normal clothing are the source of the irritation or rash, you might be surprised to learn that switching to organic clothing could resolve them.

The skin of your newborn and organic cotton are the most similar. The natural properties of cotton fibers are preserved to safeguard nascent skin. Look for baby gifts that do not cause irritation or rash on the baby's sensitive skin.

Prevent Skin Problems By Baby Skin Care

Thin newborn skin absorbs and expels moisture more quickly than thick adult skin, emphasizing the significance of constant hydration and defense against the toxins and microorganisms found in synthetic products.

Their skin tissue is porous, delicate, soft, and not yet extremely resistant. Hence, their pores must be given room to breathe and protected from the harmful compounds found in products made with petroleum and mineral oils, such as many infant oils.

Essential and organic oils are a better alternative that doesn't interfere with the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin absorption has been discovered to be hampered by baby lotions, baby oils, and other fluids with unusual components, which may later result in vitamin shortages. That doesn't seem nice at all, either to you or to anyone.

Use baby oils with extremely nourishing ingredients, such as butter and balms made from plants and nuts, to keep the skin moisturized and soothed.

The use of several chemicals in plastics and other materials can harm our infants. Be sure the ingredients on the label are readable and natural when purchasing baby gifts, skin care products like lotions, and other liquid-based treatments for babies.

To ensure kid safety, buying eco-friendly baby items would be a wonderful place to start, but we should always verify the components of any baby products we purchase.

Strengthens Local Economies

The expansion of regional economies is one of the greatest benefits of utilizing eco-friendly baby products. The fact is that a lot of companies that provide eco-friendly products, such as baby wipes, blankets, skin care items, and changing pads, are smaller than much larger companies and consequently serve a smaller market.

This translates into more face time with those who share our ideals. What's particularly wonderful is that some eco-friendly businesses invest a portion of their earnings to benefit society at large and the sustainability of our planet's resources.

Less Use Of Resources

One of the benefits of utilizing eco-friendly baby items is that they are created from more resource-efficient materials, which is one of their best outcomes.

This implies that they not only generate a lot less trash than less environmentally friendly products but also use a lot less of the resources that our planet provides to make them.

Support Businesses And Groups Dedicated To A Better Planet

The effects of humans on the environment are difficult to escape. Every year, more and more of it becomes obvious. Because of this, we need to start taking action by, at the very least, supporting businesses and groups that genuinely want to help usher in a more sustainable and living world.

We can, at the least, use our purchasing power to express our preferences for how things should be produced and how businesses should ideally run by choosing eco-friendly baby gifts. If we're going to spend our hard-earned money, we might as well use it for something worthwhile.

Make The Environment Better For Future Generations

Eco-Products created organically leave less of a carbon footprint. They lessen the number of pollutants that are released into the groundwater, air, and surrounding environment.

Compared to traditional cotton cultivation, organic cotton production uses 91% less water and less energy. Farmers cultivate the soil, retaining carbon dioxide and extending its fertility.

In addition, 46% fewer greenhouse gas emissions are produced by organic cotton than by conventional cotton. Tight guidelines forbid the use of dangerous chemicals and require producers to treat effluent to safeguard water supplies.

Regrettably, we've made things difficult for our world. Our earth can be saved by concentrating on lowering our usage of plastics, adopting a more zero-waste philosophy, and purchasing eco-friendly goods. When it comes to saving the environment, eco-friendly baby items are just a drop in the bucket, but they're nonetheless a start.

In order to ensure that our children have a bright future, we must do more than just ensure their physical and emotional well-being. Also, it implies that people have a location to live happily and prosper. Take the first steps today; it just takes one step at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Ingredients used by MUMMO CREAMER are completely secure for both the environment and infants. We are devoid of harmful chemicals and suitable for a baby's delicate skin. Protect your baby’s skin with our safety products.

Using MUMMO CREAMER will enable you to lessen environmental contamination. Our products are not only environmentally friendly but also recyclable. All recyclable materials are used to create the packaging for our products.

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