Dear Grandchildren - A Few Things I Want You to Know

Grandmothers bring wisdom, insight, and advice. Many things can only be taught via life experience, which grandparents have in abundance. They've seen pretty much about all there is to see.

Grandmothers play a vital role in the lives of their grandchildren. By virtue, every grandma is a mom – it's easy to overlook, but your grandmother was once a new mother raising your parent. Even after their own children have grown up and started their own families, grandmothers seem to never lose their maternal instinct. They frequently take on the role of mother figure to their grandchildren and offer vital mothering advice to their adult offspring.

The wisdom of a grandmother stays with us for a lifetime. In fact, their wisdom and life make a perfect gift from grandparent to their grandkids. There are things every grandmother most wants their grandchildren to know. After a deep research mummocreamer has compiled a list of some great things every grandmother wants their grandchildren to know.

So, without any delay let's have a look at some of the kind words as gifts from grandparents.

A List Of Advice as Gifts From Grandparents

1. “You Are Always Loved”

The first thing grandmothers want their grandchildren to know is that they will always be in their hearts as long as they live. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Sherrie Campbell, grandkids often only need to hear a simple three-word phrase from their grandparents. "They need to hear from their grandparents that they are loved, encouraged, and deeply appreciated," she says. This assistance is critical in ensuring that children feel a strong bond with their family and that they always have someone to talk to, especially if they don't feel they can talk to their parents.

2. “Kindness Is Always Good”

Grandmothers are always kind, aren’t they? And that’s the second thing they want their grandchildren to know. They always want their grandkids to be kind and compassionate. They advise that when you are sympathetic, empathetic, and kind, others will gravitate toward you. Treat others in the same way that you wish to be treated.

3. “Your Feeling Are Right & They Matter”

Grandmothers are always in a unique position to encourage their grandchildren to freely express their emotions, especially when the children's feelings are likely to be about friendships, their parents, or other worries, rather than their relationships. Grandparents, with their vast life experience, should assist their children in discussing their emotions. "They may repeat good messages, assist their grandkids to recognize and express their thoughts," says Anne Reiner, LMFT, a family and individual therapist.

4. “Don’t Shy Away From Making Efforts”

Another amazing advice gift from grandparents for their grandchildren is effort. Grandmothers know a life because of their vast experiences and the hard times they experience and they know everything demands effort. That’s why they want their grandchildren to know that when you have a task or a goal to accomplish, go all-in. Give everything you've got to any project. Be proud of your accomplishments and believe that you are capable.

5. “We Are Proud Of You”

Grandparents should always be proud of their grandchildren, according to psychology. Whenever they see their grandchildren enjoying hobbies or pursuing an interest outside of education, or when they've aced a math test, it's crucial to do so. In the lack of achievement, grandparents should remind their grandchildren that they are appreciative of them.

6. “Stay Proud Of Yourself”

Aside from the grandparent’s pride in their grandkids, they want their grandchildren to be proud of themselves too. They want their grandchildren to take satisfaction in what they’ve accomplished. When you've strived and rushed to get somewhere, the prize is usually sweeter.

7. “Have Strength”

Having strength in yourself is another amazing piece of advice from a grandmother to her grandchildren. Be strong when things are going wrong, as they will at some point.

Do not be afraid. Get yourself together, dust yourself off, and keep going. Throughout your life, you will experience highs and lows.

You'll be able to handle anything that comes your way thanks to your amazing family's love and support, as well as your own perseverance and strength.

8. “You Can Talk To Us About Everything”

Grandma and grandpa should always let their youngsters know they will be always there as a sounding board — even if the issue involves dad and mom. "When kids are frustrated or in need of caring, they may be role models and sounding boards," psychology says. But it doesn't mean that Grandma and Grandpa should always be on their side? No. They must, however, make it apparent that they will be there when they are needed.

9. “Learn & Be Open-minded”

Every grandmother wants their grandchildren to learn and be open-minded. They want them to know that learning is never going to end. Even if you believe you already know everything, you will never know everything.

There's always that "one more thing" that could tip the scales your way. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Even if you disagree with what others have to say, pay attention to what they have to say. Take their advice into consideration, but make your own judgments.

10. “Be Humble”

The one quality every grandmother has along with kindness is their humbleness. If we are to say that grandmothers are the epitome of humbleness then you can’t wrong us. And that’s exactly what they want their grandchildren to know. They want their youngsters to stay down to earn and start over whenever they made mistakes. Apologize whenever necessary, don't go hard on yourself for doing wrong, and stand up to start again.  

11. “Be Involved & Be Independent”

Last but not the least advice gift from grandparents for their grandchildren is to be independent and to be involved in their surroundings.

Make your own decisions. You are the master of your own destiny. You are the one who must live with the consequences of your decisions. Make the world a safer place by helping others. Support a cause, go green, and fight for what's right. Make an effort to leave an impression - let them know you were there!

Best Gifts Grandparents Can Give To Their Young Grandchildren

Gifts are not rare when a baby has grandparents. Especially when the grandchildren are in their early stages of life grandparents often go to extreme lengths to show their love and affection for their little bundle of happiness and joy. If you are a grandparent and looking for a gift to buy for your coming or young grandchild then here are some great ideas for you:

1. Baby Blankets

A baby blanket made a perfect gift from grandparents for their grandchildren. The blanket may be used to swaddle, catch spit-up and saliva, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Choose a blanket with a cotton layer on the bottom. Avoid buying blankets with a lot of fur on them since the fur can fall out and go into your baby's nose or mouth while he or she is breathing, causing choking. Avoid the soft, hefty, stylish ones because they aren't composed of breathable fabric. You can find baby-safe material-made blankets in your local baby shop or online. Here at mummocreamer, Sherpa Baby Blanket is exactly what should be used for a baby. This unisex blanket sheet is available in multiple colors and is lightweight but still warm enough to keep your baby all cozy and safe.

2. Story Books

Starting reading to your grandchildren at an early age is never a bad idea. Reading is beneficial to infants. Reading aloud to youngsters has a variety of advantages, including extending their vocabulary, improving reading abilities, introducing emotion, and enhancing the grandparent-child link. To get their library off to a good start, use a few of your favorite childhood publications, ones you read to your kids, and grandma and grandpa-themed books.

3. Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

Toys are something you will give your grandchildren on almost their every birthday till they are big enough to not find them interesting. But the first toy is always special for both grandchildren and grandparents. And what’s better than a traditional Wrinkle toy to make your little grandkid go all giggly over funny noises. These toys are also best in enhancing the motor skills of the little ones, You can find a lot of rattle toys but make sure they are safe for the baby to put in the mouth as well.

4. Baby Carrier

Another thoughtful gift from grandparents is a baby carrier. This makes a perfect gift for both parents and babies. For new parents, a baby carrier is a lifesaver. It allows them to go about their daily duties with their hands-free while still cuddling and interacting with their kid. It might also prove useful while you're taking your grandchild on outings.

Babywearing in a baby carrier is a simple technique to calm a wailing baby while also allowing you to mingle while keeping your grandchild close and letting him observe the animals at the zoo or the youngsters at the park as he grows bigger and therefore can face forward in his carrier.

5. Baby Hooded Towel & Washcloths

Abby's first bath at home is always a special and sensitive occasion. And grandmothers are usually present because of their experience and wisdom to guide the parents. So, why not bring a  cute owl baby hooded towel from mummocreamer as a gift for your grandchildren?

A little bath towel with a hood is known as a baby hooded towel. The goal is to keep a baby's head dry and warm during the time between washing and becoming dress. After swimming, this style of towel can be used to help stabilize a child's body’s temperature ensuring they don't get the chills.

The owl baby hooded towel at mummocreamer is made of soft warm material and is 100% baby safe. Just make sure whatever towel you get for your grandchild is made of soft material.

Bottom Line

So, this is it for now. These are some amazing gifts from grandparents suggestions and also some great advice for the grandchildren and youngsters every grandparent wants to give.

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