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Which gifts for birth are really useful? And on top of that nice too? The web is full of suggestions for original, beautiful, sometimes useful gifts for the birth of a baby. And as a gifted mother and midwife, Mummo Creamer has, of course, some useful, creative and practical tips in stock.

A cot is the most important piece of furniture in a newborn's room. Most parents look for the right baby bed before the birth of a baby, and when they find the next challenge for them - baby accessories. The right choice will not only be the pride of a child's room, but it can facilitate the daily care of a toddler.

There are many helpful and very practical gadgets. From mattresses, through bedding, covers and interactive toys to cribs. Below is a list of useful accessories for a baby cot.

Bed Sheet For a Baby Cot

A very important element of bedding for a child, mainly for hygienic reasons. In the case of small children, it is important that the sheet is made of natural fabrics, so as not to irritate the delicate skin of the child and guarantee proper air circulation. We can choose from classic sheets and sheets with an elastic band. The second option will, however, work much better because the material will not move. Remember to choose the size of the sheet exactly to the size of the mattress - it should be in the same size as the mattress.

Babysat cotton bed sheet with an elastic band: the sheet is made of certified cotton, it is nice to the touch, which translates into comfort and a peaceful baby's sleep. The rubber sewn in the circumference allows for a perfect adjustment of the bed sheet to the child's mattress.

Humming Bear

The fact that the children love the hum was already known by our grandmothers, who used to put the dryer to sleep! Today, there are much more convenient solutions. Skimming bears are equipped with a special mechanism. The soporific noise works for 40 minutes after switching on, and at the end it gradually fades out. The device then goes into standby mode, if during this time the child swings or buzzes, the noise will be activated for the next 20 minutes, then it goes back to the standby mode.

Pillow for a Baby

Infants are recommended to sleep in a flat position. A cushion for a baby should make it possible, in addition, it is important that the child can move freely with the head so as not to strain the muscles.

Mattress for a Child's Bed

The infant's mattress should provide even support of the spine over its entire length, so it can not be too hard, but it should not be too soft. It's best to choose mattresses with medium hardness. We should also remember that the mattress adapts to the shape of the child, its size, that's why buying a used product is not a good idea - the child can be simply uncomfortable, and it is known that a comfortable sleep is extremely important for a toddler. Let's not forget about hygienic matters - let us pay attention to what the mattress is made for our child, whether it is hypoallergenic and whether it will ensure proper air circulation.

Children's Bedding

One of those elements that give character to the whole child's room. There are plenty of colorful baby bedding sets on the market, both for girls and boys. Which one to choose? In addition to aesthetic issues, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the material. Let's avoid synthetic fabrics, let's put on natural cotton and ecological finish - it's all about dyes. Let's also remember to adjust the size of bedding to the size of the bed. The duvet should not be too big, because it may endanger the safety of the newborn baby. Avoid also ribbons or fasteners that do not exactly keep the quilt in the bedding. The safest will be press-ups or a hidden slider that only parents will have access to.

A Duvet and a Cushion for a Baby Cot

Choosing a quilt and a pillow for a small child, we should pay attention primarily to fulfillment. We can choose from fillings of wool, natural down, feathers or bamboo, as well as synthetic fillings. If we care about the antiallergic filling, bamboo and synthetic microfiber or silicone filling, which is also very light and does not deform during use, will work best. We can also opt for quilts with quilting - then the chances of deformation of the filling are small. The last issue is the size - remember that just like in the case of bedding it was matched to the size of the bed. For babies, the most popular dimensions of quilts are 90 x 120 cm, slightly older children should have a 100 x 135 cm quilt.

*mummo means Grandma in Finnish. 

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